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🧵🪡"Just Kings" trump democracy

🧵🪡The Treaty of Westphalia

🧵🪡How Huxley’s X-Club Created Nature Magazine and Sabotaged Science for 150 Years by Matthew Ehret

🧵🪡TOP SECRET: The Birth of Al-Wahabi Movement and Its Historical Roots (2002) Prepared By Intelligence Colonel Sa'id Mahmud Najm Al-Amiri

🧵🪡Lecture: India needs to rewrite its Independence Struggle History
Discusses Subhas Chandra Bose and other players

British Empire

🧵🪡Managing The British Empire: The Crown Agents 1833-1914 (2004) By David Sutherland

🧵🪡British Empire, B'nai Brith, Freemasonry, KKK

🧵🪡Great Britain, India, Jewish High Finance From A German Point Of View (1930) by Adolf Hitler; Alfred Rosenberg; Hans Buchner; NSDAP

🧵🪡The Jews and the British Empire (1935)
by FRY, Lesley

🧵🪡What the British Empire Really Stands For (1912)
by Philip Henry Kerr

🧵🪡Our Seditious Cartoon Book


🧵🪡Great Red Dragon, or London Money Power (1890)
by L. B. Woolfolk

🧵🪡 On Money Power and Debt Slavery:

🧵🪡The Kingdom of Shylock
The War Loan and The War Tax (1917)
by Frank Anstey, M. P.

🧵🪡The Modern Idolatry (1934) by Jeffrey Mark
An analysis of & The pathology of Debt

🧵🪡“Money” God or Mammon? (1990)
by Prof. Giacinto Auriti

🧵🪡Arnold Leese's "Gentile Folly: The Rothschilds" Contents, Preface, Timeline

🧵🪡Arthur Kitson

🧵🪡The Bankers Conspiracy!
Which Started the World Crisis (1933)
by Arthur Kitson

🧵🪡Citadels of Chaos (1949) by Cornelius Carl Veith

🧵🪡Economic Tribulation (1941)
by Vincent Cartwright Vickers

🧵🪡China Looted!

🧵🪡The House Of Rothschild (1934)

🧵🪡The Rothschild 'Canard'

🧵🪡Hitler Arrested A Rothschild

🧵🪡American Fortunes

🧵🪡The Bankers’ Trick and Identity of the Devil in Psalm 92 By @DerorCurrency


🧵🪡The Original Mr Jacobs: A Startling Exposé (1888)
by Telemachus Thomas Timayenis

🧵🪡The American Jew - An Exposé of His Career (1888) by Telemachus Thomas Timayenis

🧵🪡The Great Jewish Masque (1935)
by Arnold Spencer Leese, 1878-1956

🧵🪡Jewish Prophecy of Supremacy

🧵🪡 Ritual Murder Books

🧵🪡Dostoyevsky wrote in his diary, 1877

🧵🪡The Jewish Century

🧵🪡The Jewish system indicted by the documentary record (1937)
by Robert Edward Edmondson

🧵🪡The International Jew

🧵🪡The Hasbara Handbook

🧵🪡The JQ

🧵🪡Jewish Nose


🧵🪡Conquest of the World by the Jews (1873)
by Major Osman Bey (Frederick Millingen)

🧵🪡Jewish Supremacism

🧵🪡There IS a Jewish World Plot - Jews Say So! (1939)

🧵🪡The Jewish War of Survival (1947)
by Arnold Spencer Leese

🧵🪡Facts Are Facts - The Truth About Khazars (1954)
by Benjamin H Freedman

🧵🪡Jewish Controlled Opposition

🧵🪡The Protocols of Zion

🧵🪡You Gentiles


🧵🪡ADL Exposed

🧵🪡Frank Collin - Leader of American 'Nazis'

🧵🪡U.S. Jew Crimes

🧵🪡Ryssen Interview

🧵🪡Ryssen on Judaism

🧵🪡Hollywood, McCarthy and Jewish Perfidity

🧵🪡Incest: Good for the Jews
By Joey Kurtzman, 2007

🧵🪡Jewish Human Trafficking


🧵🪡Bolshevism, by an Eye-Witness From Wisconsin (1920) by A. W. Kliefoth

🧵🪡The Facts About the Bolsheviks - Compiled From the Accounts of Trustworthy Eye-Witnesses and the Russian Press (1919) by C. E. B.

🧵🪡From A Russian Diary - 1917-1920 (1921) by An English Woman

🧵🪡A collection of reports on Bolshevism in Russia (1919)
by The Foreign Office of Great Britain


🧵🪡Russia - 1918; Bolshevism in practice (1919) by Daniel, W

🧵🪡Bolshevism in Practice (cont'd)

🧵🪡The Cause of World Unrest (1920)
by Howell Arthur Gwynne, Editor The Morning Post, London.

🧵🪡The World Significance of the Russian Revolution

🧵🪡Some Facts Concerning Bolshevism, Judaism, Christianity (1933)
by A. Homer

🧵🪡Richard Wurmbrand


🧵🪡Behind the Balfour Declaration - Britain's Great War Pledge to Rothschild (1988) by Robert John

🧵🪡More on The Balfour Declaration

🧵🪡Falsehood in War Time: Containing an Assortment of Lies Circulated Throughout the Nations During the Great War (1928) by Arthur Ponsonby

🧵🪡The Secret World Government or "The Hidden Hand" - The Unrevealed in History (1925) by Count Cherep-Spriridovich

Inter-War Period

🧵🪡Fascism: One Hundred Questions Asked & Answered (1936) by Oswald Mosley

🧵🪡The Public Order Act & Mosley

🧵🪡Who’s Who in Arms (1935) by W.H. Williams

🧵🪡The Poisonous Mushroom (1938) by Ernst Hiemer

🧵🪡Chitty Chitty Bang Bang


🧵🪡Winston Churchill

🧵🪡Hitler TGSNT and MK

🧵🪡Flashpoint: Kristallnacht 1938 : Instigators, Victims and Beneficiaries 0th Edition by Ingrid Weckert

🧵🪡Germany Must Perish!

🧵🪡Germany and England (1939)
by Nesta Webster

🧵🪡The Nameless War

🧵🪡Excerpts from The Jewish Floridian

🧵🪡Rudolf Hess

🧵🪡Julius Streicher

🧵🪡How the Jews defeated Hitler

🧵🪡Unit 731


🧵🪡 Six Million Open Gates

🧵🪡Holocaust Research issues

🧵🪡Holocaustianity Issues

🧵🪡"Made In Russia: The Holocaust"
by Carlos Whitlock Porter

🧵🪡Review of Hunters


🧵🪡Jailed Holocaust Questioners

🧵🪡Alison Chabloz Case

🧵🪡Monika Schaeffer

🧵🪡Irving and Lipstadt

🧵🪡Auschwitz - An Unbiased Eyewitness Report (1979)
by Thies Christophersen, introduction by Manfred Roeder

🧵🪡The Toronto Star: Memory of Holocaust central to NEW WORLD ORDER, November 26, 1991 by Ian J. Kagedan


🧵🪡BBC fake news on Holocaust

🧵🪡Anne Frank

🧵🪡Germans tired of Holocaust

🧵🪡Reinhold Elstner

Communist/Jewish Subversion

🧵🪡Brainwashed Into Slavery (1940)
by Kenneth Goff

🧵🪡Love Letter to America (1986) by Tomas Schuman (Yuri Bezmenov)

🧵🪡Communism from the Inside (1948)
by Douglas A. Hyde

🧵🪡The Pincer Movement

🧵🪡Nelson Mandela

🧵🪡Rhodesia and the Communist takeover from South Africa by Jan Lamprecht

🧵🪡Jewish Perfidity in South Africa

🧵🪡Henry Kissinger

🧵🪡The Milgram Experiment

🧵🪡Jews & Blacks

🧵🪡Modern Racial Supremacism Origins

🧵🪡Race is a social construct origin

🧵🪡Communism Umasked


🧵🪡 "The Anti-Thought Control Dictionary" by The Ben Williams Library:


🧵🪡Father Charles Edward Coughlin

🧵🪡The Plot Against Christianity (1964)
by Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Dilling, 1894-1966



🧵🪡The Georgia Guidestones (1981) by R C Christian

🧵🪡Occult Season of Sacrifice

🧵🪡Satanism - Statements


🧵🪡Great Britain, Palestine and the Jews- Jewry's celebration of its national charter (1918)

🧵🪡Devilry in the Holy Land (1938)
by Arnold Spencer Leese


Americans for Middle East Understanding Public Affairs Series 30, December 1991


Black History

🧵🪡Jews and Negro Slavery in The Old South - 1789-1865 (1961)
by Bertram Wallace Korn

🧵🪡Civil Rights Is A Fraud (1970)


🧵🪡Tony Martin

🧵🪡Jamaica and Rastafarianism

🧵🪡We Wuz Kangz n shiet

🧵🪡Post-Slavery Issues


🧵🪡Our Sham Democracy Or The Majority Vote Racket (1946) by James Guthrie

🧵🪡THE U.S. POWER STRUCTURE AND THE MASS MEDIA (1984) by Frank Spurgeon Morrow

🧵🪡World Thought Police (1986) by Tomas Schuman (Yuri Bezmenov)

🧵🪡How much poorer The State makes you (2017)
by Tony Palmentera

🧵🪡The Totalitarian State Against Man (1938)
by Richard Nicolaus Coudenhove-Kalergi

🧵🪡Missing from The National Archives

🧵🪡Agenda 21 JWO




🧵🪡"The most powerful RELIGION is Government"
by Larken Rose (2016)

🧵🪡One World Government

🧵🪡An Idea Conquers The World
The Autobiography of Count Coudenhove-Kalergi
Preface by Winston Churchill

🧵🪡A Jew Exposes the Jewish World Conspiracy (1946)
by Henry H. Klein


🧵🪡Law & Authority Law and Authority: An Anarchist Essay (1886) by Petr Alekseevich Kropotkin, 1842-1921 (1886)

🧵🪡Brandon Martin: "Fake Ass Punks & What It Means To Be A True Rebel"

🧵🪡Central Government (1991) by Ben Williams

🧵🪡The Principles of Anarchism (1905)
By Lucy E. Parsons

Lysander Spooner

🧵🪡LS from "Men against The State":

🧵🪡Lysander Spooner

🧵🪡More Lysander Spooner


🧵🪡What are rights? Where do they come from?

🧵🪡Jewish Influence in Law

🧵🪡Common Law

🧵🪡Natural Law

🧵🪡The Law and Constitution

🧵🪡Jury Nullification


🧵🪡On Arnold Leese

🧵🪡Solzhenitsyn - The Voice of Freedom (1975)

🧵🪡Writings of Dolhenty

🧵🪡The Ernst Zündel Video Archive

🧵🪡Bobby Fischer

Modern World

🧵🪡The New Normal

🧵🪡Non-violent Resistance

🧵🪡Mark Steele and 5G

🧵🪡On the current political sitation

🧵🪡The NHS

🧵🪡On Morality

🧵🪡The Awakening of 2019

🧵🪡ADL Nosferatu




🧵🪡Thoughts on The Talmud

🧵🪡Problem IS Judaism

🧵🪡Knife Crime and Morality

🧵🪡On Creating Real Change

🧵🪡Divide & Conquer Strategy

🧵🪡Notes to new followers


🧵🪡Virus Facts


🧵🪡Initial thoughts on the plandemic early phase

🧵🪡Called the plandemic a hoax

🧵🪡Boris plandemic

🧵🪡Plandemic Perspective

🧵🪡Ben Williams on the plandemic


🧵🪡On The Shortness of Life - Lucius Seneca The Younger

🧵🪡History Of The Art Of Magic (1887)
by Telemachus Thomas Timayenis

🧵🪡Suppressed Inventions and Other Discoveries (1998) by Jonathan Eisen

🧵🪡Global Sanding

🧵🪡Logical Fallacies

🧵🪡Politically incorrect sitcoms

🧵🪡Africa is Paradise

🧵🪡Richard Spencer



🧵🪡Secrets in Plain Sight

🧵🪡Only the US has nukes by Ralph Epperson

🧵🪡Abiotic Oil