Lionel Kotlowitz at The Board of Deputies of British Jews

Sacrifice Jeremy Corbyn 🇬🇧✡️🎧📢


Sacrifice Jeremy Corbyn

The man pictured above "Lionel Kotlowitz, Senior Past President Mr. President" at a meeting of The Board of Deputies of British Jews, calling to "Sacrifice Jeremy Corbyn" addresses the current President Marie van der Zyl.


Mr President I've read many President statements over the years. I want to take this opportunity of congratulating you on the very brilliant letter that you wrote to Jeremy Corbyn. I think you covered all the points clearly and succinctly and I think that you deserve the total applause and approbation of the board for the manner in which you carried this out.
Presenter (Marie van der Zyl?): Thank You (audience applause).
Perhaps if there's one thing that you were missing to say, and that's this: the word Corbyn is a very suitable one for him after Corbyn is in Hebrew is Corban which is a sacrifice and I think we should sacrifice him for all the trouble of years caused
Presenter Interrupts: I just like to remind you that you are being live-streamed (audible audience gasps, and laughter). And before any more speakers I'm reminding all of you that you are being live-streamed.



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