These are links to external resources and materials that we find useful:

Source Material

Historical Research


Download podcasts.opml and import the OPML file into your podcast app and listen to what we're listening to.

  • Our Interesting Times - A podcast presenting an alternative look at the world past and present by Tim Kelly. Usually published twice a week.
  • Good Vibrations - A podcast show by DJ Mark Devlin showing the occult side of popular culture and a range of other topics.
  • Windows On The World - A podcast show by Mark Windows published every Sunday about geopolitics, routinely exposing techniques of subversion and deception used against the masses.
  • What On Earth Is Happening - Learn to understand occult knowledge with Mark Passio which is the key to understanding our condition of human slavery, a new podcast published every Sunday.
  • Euro Folk Radio - A Voice For European People Worldwide with some great daily shows.
  • The Realist Report - Provides news and radio shows on controversial topics.


  • Critical Thinking - Essential articles, essays and analysis of The Political Economy, published daily.
  • Transnotitia - Translations of important content, especially between English and French, and subtitling of important French videos.
  • Psalmistice - A number of essays on underlying esoteric issues which affect us all such as the underpinnings of financial alchemy.
  • Australian-German dissident Fredrick Töben manages The Adelaide Institute which publishes a regular newsletter.
  • Free-Speech Monika Schaeffer blog.
  • Evolve Consciousness - Understanding truth, morality, natural law.