Download Everything

As the content here is in the public domain, you are free to download, share and re-distribute it under the terms that it has been made available here, in that it is shared freely without restrictions.

NOTE: We have not made the template and designs of the website available because we wish to maintain the brand and identity solely for the main website itself.


If you wish to setup a mirror of the website content or maintain your own copy, the most recent version of all of the content is available at:

The folder structure is very simple and should self explanatory, each top-level folder is a section of the website, and each markdown file (with the suffix '.md') is human-readable text. The book folders are in the format year-title

The website can be copied using any website downloader or using the wget command-line utility with:

wget -r

Duplicating The Website

If you wish to replicate and host the content yourself on your own website, simply install grav software on your web server and create a duplicate of the samisdat website, and copy the folder the contents of 'pages' to the 'public/user/pages/' folder in your installation.