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Catherine Palfrey Baldwin

And Men Wept (1954)

And Men Wept (1954) by Catherine Palfrey Baldwin


AND MEN WEPT:- This was the outstanding remark after the Republican Convention, Chicago, 1952. Why did they weep? Did they suddenly realize that unwittingly perhaps, unknowingly, they had been part of the betrayal of their country? Never was there a more flagrant flouting of the will of...

Heinz A. Heinz

Germany's Hitler (1939)

Germany's Hitler (1939) by Heinz A. Heinz

Herr Heinz A . Heinz' aim has been to draw a picture of the Fuhrer from details supplied at first hand by those friends and helpers and comrades of his who believed in him from the first, who joined him at the beginning, stood by him through the darkest days, and have lived to see one of the most astound...

Adolf Hitler

The New Germany desires Work and Peace

 Speeches by Chancellor Adolf Hitler the Leader of the New Germany (1934)

The New Germany desires Work and Peace: Speeches by Chancellor Adolf Hitler the Leader of the New Germany (1934) by Adolf Hitler


The New Germany desires Work and Peace

The above is the title given to this collection of the speeches which the German Chancellor, Adolf Hitler, has delivered since his entry into office on the 3041...

Otto Dietrich

With Hitler on the Road to Power

 Personal Experiences With My Leader (1934)

With Hitler on the Road to Power - Personal Experiences With My Leader (1934) by Otto Dietrich

Subtitled "Personal Experiences with my Leader," this work, written by Adolf Hitler's chief of press in 1934, details the three tumultuous election campaign years from 1930 through to the coming to power of the NSDAP in January 1933. The author formed...

Vladimir Jabotinsky

The Jewish War Front (1940)

The Jewish War Front (1940) by Vladimir Jabotinsky

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