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Archibald H M Ramsay

The Nameless War (1952)

The Nameless War (1952) by Archibald H M Ramsay

Here is the story that people have said would never be written in our time - the true history of events leading up to the Second World War, told by one who enjoyed the friendship and confidence of Mr. Neville Chamberlain during the critical months between Munich and September, 1939.

There has lon...

Frank Anstey

The Kingdom of Shylock

The War Loan and The War Tax (1917)

The Kingdom of Shylock (1917) by Frank Anstey

Quote from Werner Sombart - The Jews and Modern Capitalism

Where is the Englishman who does not love the land of his nativity? Where is the one who in the hour of struggle does not forget all that is bestial in her cities and remember only all that is beautiful in the things left undefiled?

About The Author

Frank Anstey

The Money Power (1921)

Money Power (1921) by Frank Anstey

"The Oligarchy of Finance possesses more wealth, more power, more control over the destinies of the human race than any class or caste ever possessed" —T. Quelch.

From The Introduction

In 1916 I wrote a series of articles on banking, currency, and "war loan" trickeries. Those articles were rigorousl...

John T. Flynn

Militarism - The New Slavery for America (1955)

Militarism - The New Slavery for America (1955) by John T. Flynn

The story that follows is an expansion of a broadcast made by John T. Flynn over the facilities of the Mutual Broadcasting System on June 5, 1955.

The people of the United States are now confronted by a movement to introduce into this country the project of Universal Military T...

Conrad K. Grieb

Uncovering The Forces For War (1947)

Cover of original publication:
Uncovering The Forces For War (1947) by Conrad K. Grieb

Cover of the Sons Of Liberty re-publication:
Uncovering The Forces For War (1947) by Conrad K. Grieb


Despite all the propaganda efforts made by the protagonists of the shibboleth of Democracy two world Avars in a generation have left the world not better off, but worse. And the propagandists for Demo...