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Ivor Benson

This Age Of Conflict (1987)

This Age Of Conflict (1987) by Ivor Benson

Excerpt from opening chapter:

Part, One


"It is almost a joke now in the Western world, in the 20th century, to use words like 'good' and 'evil'. They have become almost. old-fashioned concepts, but they are very real and . genuine concepts. These are concepts from a sphere w...

Arnold White

The Modern Jew (1899)

The Modern Jew (1899) by Arnold White


DURING the last ten years I have written on the subject of the Modern jew for various periodicals-notably in the Nineteenth Century, Contemporary Review, Chambers's Journal, and North American Review. With the exception of the Statistics relating to the Russian Jews-for the republication of whic...

James Guthrie

Our Sham Democracy Or The Majority Vote Racket (1946,1977)

Our Sham Democracy Or The Majority Vote Racket (1946) by James Guthrie

All Truth is eternal. Although first published over thirty years ago, Jame Guthrie's book on the truths concerning the relationship of the individual to government is more appropriate than ever. Warnings concerning the shape of things to...

Alvin Toffler

War and Anti-War (1993)

War and Anti-War (1993) by Alvin Toffler

From the Introduction

THIS BOOK is about wars and anti-wars to come. It is for whose face has been half ripped away by explosives, and for his mother staring with glazed eyes at what is left. It is for all the innocents of tomorrow who will both kill and die for reasons they do not understand. It is a b...

Alvin Toffler

Future Shock (1970)

Future Shock (1970) by Alvin Toffler

From the Introduction

This is a book about what happens to people when they are overwhelmed by change. It is about the ways in which we adapt— or fail to adapt— to the future. Much has been written about the future. Yet, for the most part, books about the world to come sound a harsh metallic note. These pag...