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Earliest reports of Bolshevism in Australian newspapers up to 1920

A collection of some of the earliest reports of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia as reported in Australian newspapers up to the year 1920 archived by The National Library of Australia.

Earliest reports of Bolshevism in Australian newspapers up to 1920 (1920) by National Library of Australia

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Correa Moylan Walsh

The Climax of Civilisation (1917)

This is a three-volume publication, with parts two & three entitled "Socialism" and "Feminism" respectively.

The Climax of Civilisation (1917) by Correa Moylan Walsh

Excerpt from The Climax of Civilisation

Opinions usually results from a discussion that tries to take all possible points of view.

All of the first two volumes and most of t...

C. Baron von Thüngen-Rossbach & Baron von Fechenbach-Laudenbach

Manifesto of The First Anti-Jewish Congress in Dresden (1882)

The First Anti-Jewish Congress in Dresden (1882) by C. Baron von Thüngen-Rossbach

Manifesto of the First Anti-Jewish Congress, held in the Saxon capital shortly after the first wave of German anti-Judaism peaked.

(Source: Manifest an die Regierungen und Völker der durch das Judenthum gefährdeten c...

Friedrich Karl Wiebe

Germany and the Jewish Problem (1940)

Germany and the Jewish Problem (1940) by Friedrich Karl Wiebe

Published on behalf of the Institute for the Study of the Jewish Problem, Berlin.

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Arthur Nelson Field

Why Colleges Breed Communists (1941)

Why Colleges Breed Communists (1941) by Arthur Nelson Field


THE PUBLISHERS OF FOUNDATION TRACTS ARE PRIVILEGED TO RE- Tissue "Why Colleges breed Communists," written by the New Zealand author, the late A. N. Field, and first published in that country in 1941.

Evolutionism is the subject which the author examines. It is a subject the...