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Sheldon Emry

A Christian Guide to Mass-Media Mythology (1988)

A Christian Guide to Mass-Media Mythology (1988) by Sheldon Emry

Featuring the cartoon ideas of Pastor Sheldon Emry & Ben Williams
Cartoons drawn and compiled by Paul Bunch

Today, it is Christians who are unable to 'discern the signs of the times' and are therefore quite ignorant of America's peril.

Much of this inability of American Chri...

Walter Spearman

Understanding The News (1941)

Understanding The News (1941) by Walter Spearman


There are some who say : "You can't believe what you see in the papers." There are others who say: "It's so, because I saw it in print."

But the intelligent individual neither believes everything he reads nor automatically discounts what he does read. He tries to understand the news,...

Earliest reports of Bolshevism in Australian newspapers up to 1920

A collection of some of the earliest reports of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia as reported in Australian newspapers up to the year 1920 archived by The National Library of Australia.

Earliest reports of Bolshevism in Australian newspapers up to 1920 (1920) by National Library of Australia

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Myron C Fagan

This Is the ADL, Mr Hoover (1958)

This Is the ADL, Mr Hoover (1958) by Myron C Fagan

Unhappy Reporting

It is now more than ten years that I have been reporting the war between the Internationalist-Communist Conspiracy and the American people‐ or, rather, I should say the fraction of the American people fighting to save our country.

During those more than ten years I have wri...

K B Thompson & J A Wright

The Best Kept Secrets

A History of What has been going on behind the scenes for more than 100 years (2017)

A critical examination of the past century, mostly reliant on the works of Carroll Quigley, the esteemed and highly-decorated professor who wrote Tragedy & Hope.

The Best Kept Secrets - Cover

This Brother-Sister duo has dedicated t...