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United States Army

Pocket Guide To Germany (1944)

Pocket Guide To Germany (1944) by United States Army

Post-war victors' propaganda guide for the occupying U.S. forces in conquered Germany. This is a cleaned-up version of the document at with the following changes: it is converted to monochrome black and white, pages are straightened and c...

Walter Schellenberg

Hitler's Secret Service: The Labyrinth (1974)

Hitler's Secret Service: The Labyrinth (1974) by Walter Schellenberg

From The Introduction

Walter Schellenberg's memoirs would be worth reading, if for nothing else, as a first-rate collection of spy stories. For the text does not behe the promise of the chapter headings: the plot to kidnap the Duke of Wind- sor, the affair of the Vietinghoff...

Stephen J. Skubik

Death: The Murder of General Patton (1993)

Death: The Murder of General Patton (1993) by Stephen J. Skubik


It is my intention to explain the circumstances which lead me to believe: that General George Smith Patton, Jr. was murdered, that the accident which took place on December 9, 1945 was set up by the Soviet NKVD (Narodny Komissariat Vnutrennildi Del) in collusion with...

The American Jewish Committee

The Jewish Anti-German Boycott (1935)

The Jewish Anti-German Boycott (1935) by The American Jewish Committee

The Anti-German Boycott

A Statement of the Position of the American Jewish Committee

For the confidential information of Sustaining Members of the Committee. Not for publication

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J. M. Spaight

Bombing Vindicated (1944)

Bombing Vindicated (1944) by J. M. Spaight
Published in 1944 by a former British Principal Secretary of the Air Ministry as a response to increasing discontent in Britain with the Allied bombing of German cities, this book set out to justify the saturation bombing of civilians. Reflecting official British government policy, it states clearly that...