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James Guthrie

Our Sham Democracy Or The Majority Vote Racket (1946,1977)

Our Sham Democracy Or The Majority Vote Racket (1946) by James Guthrie

All Truth is eternal. Although first published over thirty years ago, Jame Guthrie's book on the truths concerning the relationship of the individual to government is more appropriate than ever. Warnings concerning the shape of things to...

James Goldsmith

The Response (1995)

The Response (1995) by James Goldsmith


The English version of my book The Trap was published in November 1994, a little over a year after it first appeared in French. The second chapter, 'The New Utopia: GATT and Global Free Trade', attracted considerable adverse comment, including a European Commission document handed for informat...

R N Gardner

The Hard Road to The New World Order (1974)

Published in CFR Magazine Foreign Affairs, April 1974

Foreign Affairs, April 1974 - The Hard Road to The New World Order (1974) by R N Gardner

The quest for a world structure that secures peace, advances human rights and provides the conditions for economic progress—for what is loosely called world order—has never seemed more frustrating but at the same time strangely ho...

Edmund A. Walsh, S. J.

Total Empire:Roots and Progress of World Communism (1951)

Total Empire:Roots and Progress of World Communism (1951) by Edmund A. Walsh, S. J.

The Regent of the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University analyzes world Communism, with considerable stress upon geopolitics. The book also contains some notes on the author's experiences in Russia.

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C. Wright Mills

The Power Elite (1956)

The Power Elite (1956) by C. Wright Mills

First published in 1956, The Power Elite stands as a contemporary classic of social science and social criticism. C. Wright Mills examines and critiques the organization of power in the United States, calling attention to three firmly interlocked prongs of power: the military, corporate, and political el...