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Frederick Franklin Schrader

1683-1920: The Fourteen Points and What Became of Them (1920)

1683-1920: The Fourteen Points and What Became of Them (1920) by Frederick Franklin Schrader

With the ending of the war many books will be released dealing with various questions and phases of the great struggle, some of them perhaps impartial, but the majority written to make propaganda for foreign nations with a view to rendering us dissatisfi...

Vincent Cartwright Vickers

Economic Tribulation (1941)

Economic Tribulation (1941) by Vincent Cartwright Vickers

“In so far as we are able, we must try to assist our fellow-men to understand. This we can do fearlessly ; for that which is mistaken or false will carry no weight and will be lost and forgotten, whilst that which is true will prevail.”



National Labour Press

China Looted (1937)

China Looted (1937) by National Labour Press


HER coal supply is twenty limes that of Great Britain. her iron resources cannot be measured she produces in abundance silk, cotton, bean oil, lumber, wool, jute, skins, furs, rice and eggs. Her industrial areas provide the world's cheapest labour supply and her 450 millions the greatest u...

Erich Schwarzburg

How Jewry turned England into a Plutocratic State (1940)

How Jewry turned England into a Plutocratic State (1940) by Erich Schwarzburg

The Jew uses the lie as his most effective weapon to attain his goal and to conquer the world. Truth is his worst enemy. "World-Service" has taken upon itself the task of enlightening all non-Jewish peoples and of revealing to them Jewry's sinister intentions and its c...

Raymond Rudman

England Under the Heel of the Jew (1918)

England Under the Heel of the Jew (1918) by Raymond Rudman


  • The Jews' gospel of greed‐Usury, the means of enslaving others: success the only criterion.
  • Jews the parents of the Stock Exchange
  • The Jew is the international; but the tribe is solid in spite of dispersion.
  • Lines of communication within the tribe give prior information:...