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Emanuel M. Josephson

Your Life Is Their Toy: Merchants in Medicine (1948)

Your Life is Their Toy: Merchants in Medicine - Emanuel M. Josephson, second edition (1948) Book by Josephson on the elite agenda in medicine and the medical industry. This is a journey through the less than perfect and altruistic members of the medical profession. Case h...

Emanuel M. Josephson

The Strange Death of Franklin D. Roosevelt (1948)


The Roosevelt-Delano Dynasty has played a far more important role in the history of the United States than is suspected even by supposedly well-informed folk. Their role in the future may be a very fateful one now that it has become an integral though subs...

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars (1979)

An Introductory Programming Manual for Control of Society

Here is the infamous (and anonymous) conspiracy manual for the total control of worldwide society. It describes a plan and method of ‘Quiet War” to be carried out by an ‘elite’ group, which goes unnamed. If you are not part of that elite group, you ar...