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Catherine Palfrey Baldwin

And Men Wept (1954)

And Men Wept (1954) by Catherine Palfrey Baldwin


AND MEN WEPT:- This was the outstanding remark after the Republican Convention, Chicago, 1952. Why did they weep? Did they suddenly realize that unwittingly perhaps, unknowingly, they had been part of the betrayal of their country? Never was there a more flagrant flouting of the will of...

Arthur Kenneth Chesterton

Apotheosis of the Jew: From Ghetto to Park Lane (1937)

Apotheosis of the Jew: From Ghetto to Park Lane (1937) by Arthur Kenneth Chesterton

From the Ghetto to Park Lane, From The British Union Quarterly, April/June 1937, pp. 45-54. Reprints include Christian Vanguard, Metairie, L.A., 1979.

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Bob Darke

The Communist Technique in Britain (1952)

The Communist Technique in Britain (1952) by Bob Darke

BOB DARKE, Hackney Borough Councillor, and for eighteen years a lead- ing Communist until he resigned in May 1951, explains how the British Communist Party can exert an influence vastly out of proportion to its numerical strength. This is not an ex-Communist intellectual's expose but the pla...

Ernest F. Elmhurst

The World Hoax (1938)

The World Hoax (1938) by Ernest F. Elmhurst

CONSIDER this book to be one of the most damning indictments of a people ever penned. With each month that passes, a hundred manuscripts arrive in my printing house with requests that they be read for possible publication. Nine tenths of them concern what some individual merely thinks about this or tha...

Kevin Alfred Strom

The Best of Attack! And National Vanguard Tabloid (1984)

The Best of Attack! And National Vanguard Tabloid (1984) by Kevin Alfred Strom

Editorials and news articles that appeared in the White racialist periodicals Attack! and National Vanguard Tabloid. Originally published from 1970 to 1982, this collection provides valuable insight into the philosophy of the National Alliance, Dr. William L. Pierce,...