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Paul Miliukov

Bolshevism: An International Danger, Its Doctrine and Its Practice Through War and Revolution (1920)

Bolshevism: An International Danger, Its Doctrine and Its Practice Through War and Revolution (1920) by Paul Miliukov

From the Preface

SOME time ago people who tried to prove to European public opinion that Russian Bolshevism was an imminent danger to the whole of the world's civilization invariably met with the ready objection, that Bolshevis...

An English Woman

From A Russian Diary - 1917-1920 (1921)

From A Russian Diary - 1917-1920 (1921) by An English Woman

From the Foreword

WHEN the revolution broke out in Russia I was living in a provincial town, which since the war had become of considerable importance.

For some time before February 1917 the news- papers had been daily scanned with ever-increasing anxiety. Not only did it daily beco...

Andrew Kalpaschnikoff

A Prisoner of Trotsky's (1920)

A Prisoner of Trotsky's (1920) by Andrew Kalpaschnikoff

 From the Foreword

I HAVE been asked by the author and by the publishers also to write a foreword for Colonel Kalpaschnikoff's book A Prisoner of Trotsky's" and as I am familiar with the occurrences resulting in his arrest and five months' imprisonment, have consented to do so.


Grave Diggers of Russia (1921)


The grave diggers of Russia (1921)

Caricatures and descriptions of leaders of The Bolshevik Revolution.

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Nesta Helen Webster

The French Revolution (1919)

The French Revolution (1919) by Nesta Helen Webster

Webster's fundamental theme here is that the French Revolution resulted from a web of conspiracies, the primary of which was that of the Orleanist faction. Also involved were Illuminated Freemasonry, the Prussian Court, and English Jacobins. This work is both finely documented and significant i...