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Father Denis Fahey

The Rulers of Russia (1940)

The Rulers of Russia (1940) by Father Denis Fahey


"For them (the peoples of the Soviet Union) We cherish the warmest paternal affection. We are well aware that not a few of them groan beneath the yoke imposed on them by men who in very large part are strangers to the real interests of the country. We rec...

A. W. Kliefoth

Bolshevism, by an Eye-Witness From Wisconsin (1920)

Bolshevism, by an Eye-Witness From Wisconsin (1920) by A. W. Kliefoth

Author was for three years Military Observer of the U.. S. Embassy at Petrograd - one year under the Czar and two years under the Kerensky and Lenin and Trotsky regimes.


Out of Darkest Russia come facts that make an American's blood run cold.

The Soviet...

Robert Wilton

Russia's Agony (1919)

Russia's Agony (1919) by Robert Wilton


This book is a living record of personal experience of Russia among the Russians dating back nearly half a century. I claim no merit for it other than sincerity and freedom from race or party bias. I have no interest to serve except my British birthright, which is perhaps dearer to me bceaus...

W G Kravitsky

In Stalins Secret Service (1939)

In Stalins Secret Service (1939) by W G Kravitsky

From the Introduction

THE evening of May 22, 1987, I boarded a train in Moscow to return to my post in The Hague as Chief of the Soviet Military Intelligence in Western Europe. I little realized then that I was seeing my last of Russia so long as Stalin is her master. For nearly twenty years I...

Francis David Rowland, 1850-1927

Russia From the American Embassy, 1916-1918 (1921)

Russia From the American Embassy, 1916-1918 (1921) by Francis David Rowland, 1850-1927

From the Introduction

My commission as Ambassador to Russia was dated March 9th,1916. As I was so long in regaining my health and strength after leaving Russia, I offered to resign the Ambassadorship three or more times, but each time the Secretary of State...