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American Historical Association. Historical Service Board

Can the Germans Be Re-Educated? (1945)

Can the Germans Be Re-Educated? (1945) by American Historical Association. Historical Service Board


This pamphlet is one of a series made available by the War Department under pamphlets provide material which information-education officers may use in conducting...

David Bergelson

The Jewish Autonomous Region (1939)

The Jewish Autonomous Region (1939) by David Bergelson

Soviet book about the first homeland created for The Jews in the 20th century, before the nation state of Israel in Palestine see:

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Berthold Singer

Occupation of The Ruhr (1923)

Occupation of The Ruhr (1923) by Berthold Singer

From the Introduction

The torrent of literature that has swept the earth as a result of the war must also be considered one of the atrocities which followed in the wake of the catastrophe. Large and small books describing the actual fighting in its various aspects, volumes upon volumes attemptin...

Friedrich Karl Wiebe

Germany and the Jewish Problem (1940)

Germany and the Jewish Problem (1940) by Friedrich Karl Wiebe

Published on behalf of the Institute for the Study of the Jewish Problem, Berlin.

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