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When Victims Rule - A Critique Of Jewish Pre Eminence In America (2002)

When Victims Rule -  A Critique Of Jewish Pre Eminence In America (2002) by Anonymous

 From The Introduction

It is a daunting task to write a book, knowing full well that it swims counter to one of the strongest contemporary currents, and that it will automatically and categorically be rejected without investigation by the cultural, educationa...

Telemachus Thomas Timayenis

The American Jew: An Exposé of His Career (1888)

The American Jew: An Exposé of His Career (1888) by Telemachus Thomas Timayenis


WE expect that the Jews will try to boycott “The American Jew,” using the same peculiar tactics as in the case of “The Original Mr. Jacobs,” They will appoint committees to visit book-dealers, urging them not to handle the book; they will buy up and de...

Telemachus Thomas Timayenis

The Original Mr Jacobs: A Startling Exposé (1888)


This book deals with facts, and the critic will be forced to acknowledge that the truth, and nothing but the truth, is revealed in every page.

This expose is not half as severe treated of demands. Still, enough is told to bring to light the hidden venom...

Stephen J. Skubik

Death: The Murder of General Patton (1993)

Death: The Murder of General Patton (1993) by Stephen J. Skubik


It is my intention to explain the circumstances which lead me to believe: that General George Smith Patton, Jr. was murdered, that the accident which took place on December 9, 1945 was set up by the Soviet NKVD (Narodny Komissariat Vnutrennildi Del) in collusion with...

James Combs

Christian Sheep and Satan's Wolves (1971)

Christian Sheep and Satan's Wolves (1971) by James Combs


America was intended for white Christian nationalists. The Founding Fathers never envi­sioned America for multi-racial or multi-religious equality, nor for internationalism. As partial substantiation for this, a foremost social spokes­ man in America, THE NEW YORK TIMES, admit­...