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A. J. Zielinski

A World Problem - Jews-Poland-Humanity - a Psychological and Historical Study - Translated From Polish (1920)

This work has been written (1914-1917) in order to fill the crying need of an impartial exposition of the relations existing between the Poles and the Jews in Poland. The fact that these two people have lived for centuri...

C. M. Churchward

The Rising Tide Of Communism (1943)

The Rising Tide Of Communism (1943) by C. M. Churchward

Though I am sometimes charged, and sometimes credited, with being a Communist, I make no such pretensions concerning myself. I am not a member of the Communist Party, neither am I wholeheartedly in sympathy with communism, either as to its teachings or as to its practices. This however, let...

Arthur Kenneth Chesterton

Apotheosis of the Jew: From Ghetto to Park Lane (1937)

Apotheosis of the Jew: From Ghetto to Park Lane (1937) by Arthur Kenneth Chesterton

From the Ghetto to Park Lane, From The British Union Quarterly, April/June 1937, pp. 45-54. Reprints include Christian Vanguard, Metairie, L.A., 1979.

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L. Fry

The Law of Liberty (1963)

The Law of Liberty (1963) by L. Fry

From the Foreword

The modest little fictional work: THE LAW OF LIBERTY being herewith presented to the public owes its title to the words of the Epistle of St.James the Apostle; it lays no claim to literary talent; it simply indicates the path followed by a mind searching a satisfactory and equitable answer...

D. D. Paige

The Letters of Ezra Pound: 1907-1941 (1950)

The Letters of Ezra Pound: 1907-1941 (1950) by D. D. Paige

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