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Arnold Spencer Leese

The Jewish War of Survival (1947)

The Jewish War of Survival (1947) by Arnold Spencer Leese


The first edition of my book took nine months to complete. I began work on it in the Spring of 1945. Berlin had fallen and Hitler had died among his soldiers. Mussolini had been bestially murdered. The San Francisco Conference was in full swing.

This book has entailed many hu...

Archibald H M Ramsay

The Nameless War (1952)

The Nameless War (1952) by Archibald H M Ramsay

Here is the story that people have said would never be written in our time - the true history of events leading up to the Second World War, told by one who enjoyed the friendship and confidence of Mr. Neville Chamberlain during the critical months between Munich and September, 1939.

There has lon...

Robert Henry Williams

The Ultimate World Order: As Pictured in the Jewish Utopia (1957)

The Ultimate World Order: As Pictured in the Jewish Utopia (1957) by Robert Henry Williams

"THE JEWISH UTOPIA", discovered by the author in an unlisted Jewish collection in the library of the University of Texas, is the authentic and complete plan of the Zionists for world domination. It pictures the ultimate "new social order" which the Zionist...

Marcus Eli Ravage

A Real Case Against the Jews (1928)

A Real Case Against the Jews (1928) by Marcus Eli Ravage

Written by a Jewish author and originally published in The Century Magazine in January 1928.

This article asserts that if Whites understood the depths to which Jews control our countries and their institutions of power and the way in which they w...

George Washington Armstrong

The Third Zionist War (1951)

The Third Zionist War (1951) by George Washington Armstrong

The fundamental ideology or philosophy of Zionism is that the Jews are the ''chosen people'' and that God promised them that they should possess and rule the world. It is based on the first five chapters of the Old Testament as interpreted by their rabbis and their Talmud. The Zionists...