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The Years Of Transition (1949)

By Hastings William Sackville Russell, 12th Duke of Bedford (1888-1953)

NOTE: This is a pamphlet which arrived as a cut and paste in a poorly-formatted PDF document, tidied-up and republished here.


It was towards the close of the period of happy and interesting work that followed the First Gre...

Gene Sharp

Making Abolition Of War A Realistic Goal (1980)

Some notes and highlights, by-page, and thoughts on relevance to today's situation.

Page 3

People and governments will not sacrifice freedom or justice for the sake of peace;

Unfortunately since 9/11 especially, this has not proved to be the case.



Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

The Synagogue of Satan (2006)

This is a blog with some notes, highlights and references from the book. Although a very long blog, there is far more available to read in the book itself, covering other topics not mentioned here, such as 7/7 and 9/11.

The Synagogue of Satan (2006) by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

About The Book & Author

This book has been re-published with...

Ferdinand Lundberg

America's 60 Families (1937)

Some highlights and notes from the book, extensive references at the end.

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This was written about the USA in 1937.
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6000 people top the US #usurocracy in 1937 with Rockefeller on top.
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"Without minimizing the significance of control by the dominan...

Kristin B. Thompson, Jason A. Wright

The Best Kept Secrets

A History of What has been going on behind the scenes for more than 100 years (2017)

Some notes and highlights.


"This research is hereby placed in the public domain. It is hoped that free & easy access to this...