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Censored History

These are some selected highlights from the 1983 book Censored History by Eric D. Butler.

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No sane person would claim that the dev of a Christian Civilization in Western Europe "just happened" by chance. That Civilization, now in an advanced state of disintegration, only grew because Christians combined in numerous ways to c...

Russia & The Jews - 200 Years Together

Highlights from The Barnes Review

  • Read/download the book this blog is based on: 200 Years Together by A I Solzhenitsyn (2002)

This blog post is composed mainly of highlights and extracts from The Barnes Review's September 2008 special-edition Russia & The Jews - available here - which reviewed A I So...

World Politics In Five Minutes

Jeremy Bedford (Jez) Turner

This is the text of a letter that appeared on in an email sent out on a mailing list for historical revisionists, dated 10 November 2018.

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Box 757, Heathfield Road
London SW18 3HU.

Dear Jim [Rizoli] and Diane [King],


A republished blog post from 4 June 2018 warning about some of the history and dangers of the planned cashless society.

Following the widely reported european failure of the VISA payments system last weekend, I hastily compiled this 'Twitter Moment' in order to help bring about a wider awareness and attention to the issues surrounding the moves...

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Earlier in the summer I read
Fiat Money Inflation In France (review & download page) (cached pdf) (1896) by Andrew Dickson White (wikipedia), a largely-unknown story of a major factor behind French Revolution.

 The Warning

"There are limitations to the powers of governments and of peoples that inhere in the constitut...