These are blog-posts mostly written about the books we host. TRIGGER WARNING The content we quote here is often-controversial so if you are easily offended by what you read, please do not continue further!

Trefor David

The Bloody Red Streak (1951)

100 pages, book is a good read, well-sourced, e.g Communism/Socialism

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  • Trade Unions under Communism
  • Communism & Judaism parallels

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Contemporary understanding about:

  • WW1
  • WW2
  • Gold Standard
  • Bretton Woods

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  • Economic Nationalism
  • Communist Hypocrisy
  • Free...

Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

The Synagogue of Satan (2006)

This is a blog with some notes, highlights and references from the book. Although a very long blog, there is far more available to read in the book itself, covering other topics not mentioned here, such as 7/7 and 9/11.

The Synagogue of Satan (2006) by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

About The Book & Author

This book has been re-published with...

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars (1979)

An Introductory Programming Manual for Control of Society

A few notes and highlights.

Compared to actual, real Bilderberg documents, the document does not seem to be genuine although it is plausible in some respects.

This document allegedly represents the doctr...

George Pitt-Rivers

The World Significance of the Russian Revolution (1920)

A highly-controversial book at the time, it laid-bare the true horror of some of the earliest accounts in English of the initial period of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.

Cover of The World Significance of the Russian Revolution



The Preface by Osc


Kinghorn-Jones, J. Alfred

Blot out crime, proverty, prostitution, war : why and how (1914)

Some notes and highlights from the book.

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"Every honest, kindly person, with reasoning power, who will throw aside all prejudice and early teachings, so far as possible, and reason...