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Bertram Wallace Korn

Jews and Negro Slavery in The Old South - 1789-1865 (1961)

Some notes and highlights from the book.

Jews and Negro Slavery in The Old South - 1789-1865 (1961) by Bertram Wallace Korn

Delivered as the Presidential Address at the Fifty-Ninth Annual Meeting of the American Jewish Historical Society, February 18...

Tomas Schuman (Yuri Bezmenov)

Black Is Beautiful - Communism Is Not (1985)

Am autobiography of soviet-defector Yuri Bezmenov and guide to subversion techniques used by The Soviet Union against The West during The Cold War which have been refined and continue to be used today, especially with regard to the phenomenom known as "Cultural Marxism"....

Gene Sharp

Making Abolition Of War A Realistic Goal (1980)

Some notes and highlights, by-page, and thoughts on relevance to today's situation.

Page 3

People and governments will not sacrifice freedom or justice for the sake of peace;

Unfortunately since 9/11 especially, this has not proved to be the case.



Trefor David

The Bloody Red Streak (1951)

100 pages, book is a good read, well-sourced, e.g Communism/Socialism

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  • Trade Unions under Communism
  • Communism & Judaism parallels

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Contemporary understanding about:

  • WW1
  • WW2
  • Gold Standard
  • Bretton Woods

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  • Economic Nationalism
  • Communist Hypocrisy
  • Free...