The Somali Pirate

International Finance, World War, and the Creation of the Global System (2019)

International Finance, World War, and the Creation of the Global System (2019) by The Somali Pirate

“The international bankers swept statesmen, politicians, journalists, and jurists all to one side and issued their orders with the imperiousness of absolute monarchs.” — David Lloyd George, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on the Treaty of Versailles

Version 4.1 (Pub. Sept 2019)


This document is designed to “get to the point” of exactly who was behind the creation of the Global System, and who controls it today. Section 1 to 5 contain a simple chronological index, listing all major individuals and organizations involved with the creation of the System. The history of the System, and the conspiracy to create it, dates back hundreds of years (see Section 7, ‘System History Pre-1913ʼ), however, this document only covers 1900 to 2019 in detail, as it was during this period that the most pivotal events ocurred. The basic purposes of this document are:

  1. To demonstrate the existence of a multi-generational and highly-incestuous conspiracy to establish a Global World Governing System.
  2. To add constantly overlooked context to the First and Second World Wars (which, in reality, could be regarded as one long war, with a short “peaceful” intermission).
  3. To serve as a point of reference or mini encyclopedia that individuals can refer back to while conducting their own research.

The information in this document was compiled after many hours of research and is accurate, as per the sources listed under each subheading, as of 2019. All sources used are “mainstream” and are widely regarded as reputable.


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