Notes from "How The Jews defeated Hitler" by Benjamin Ginsberg (2013)

These are some notes and highlights from the 2013 Jewish-authored book which rather proudly points out the highly influential and disproportionate role that "The Jews" (video of discussion on who 'The Jews' are and anti-semitism between Dr E Michael Jones and Dr Michael 'Brown') had in fighting against and defeating the Axis Powers during World War Two.

Cover of How The Jews defeated Hitler by Benjamin Ginsberg (2013)

"Jews in the Soviet Union, United States, and Great Britain were very important in the realm of intelligence and espionage."


"For the United States and especially the Soviet Union, the Jews’ technical, scientific, administrative, and financial talents, as well as their high level of motivation, proved crucial to the war effort."


"... film, journalism, and publishing, which were seen as key instruments of propaganda. Jews soon became important figures in the Soviet cultural apparatus..."


"...a disproportionate number of Jews, perhaps as many as one-fifth of the Red Army’s Jewish personnel, according to some estimates, held officers’ commissions. During the course of the war, Jews commanded roughly 130 Soviet regiments.40 Nine Jewish generals commanded armies..."


"... Jewish generals were particularly prominent in the military’s technical and political services...Captain Mikhail Plotkin was the first Soviet pilot to bomb Berlin..."


"It was in the realm of persuasion that Jews were most prominent. Within the army, the politruks not only enforced discipline but also lectured the troops on their duties to the motherland and the bestiality of the Germans."


"These films and hundreds of others like them were shown throughout the war to fan feelings of Russian nationalism and hatred for the Germans."


"... accounts emphasized the heroism of Soviet troops and the bestiality of the Germans and were often accompanied by commentary from Ilya Ehrenberg, a Jewish writer who became one of the most famous newspaper writers in all the Soviet Union.. "


"Jews played a major role in designing and building the enormous quantities of superb weapons—tanks, aircraft, and artillery—that made Soviet victory possible."


"Jewish attorneys, economists, statisticians, and other talented professionals became an important source of leadership and expertise for the Roosevelt administration, much as they had for Lenin and his Bolsheviks."


"Anti-Semites would not have been surprised to learn that the term “New Deal” was actually coined by one of Roosevelt’s Jewish aides, Samuel Roseman"


"... quite a number of Jews achieved positions of considerable influence in the Roosevelt administration. Henry Morgenthau was named secretary of the treasury. Felix Frankfurter, Harvard’s only Jewish law professor and a Roosevelt advisor, was appointed to the Supreme Court... "


"Jews, including lawyers and other professionals, were also prominent in the Department of Labor, the Justice Department, the Securities and Exchange Commission..."



"... before World War II, the efforts of the Jewish community helped in a number of important ways to bring isolationism into disrepute and to turn American opinion against Germany..."


".. several Jewish organizations worked closely with national security agencies in the years before the war. The Roosevelt administration had tasked the FBI and other security services with monitoring politicians and public figures it suspected of having pro-Nazi sympathies... "


"Detectives working for the AJC infiltrated anti-Semitic & pro-German groups and, over a period of five years, compiled a card index listing 50,000 individuals associated with these organizations. This index was frequently used by the FBI and army and navy intelligence offices."


"Most of America’s major film studios—Paramount, Twentieth Century Fox, MGM, Warner Brothers, and so forth—had been founded and were owned by Jews..."


"Two of the most important networks, CBS and NBC... These networks were owned by Jews... By early 1941, the relentless media and public information campaign conducted by the FFF, ADL, AJC, and other groups had weakened and discredited isolationist & anti-interventionist forces.."


Charles Lindbergh: "The greatest danger to this country lies in their (Jews) large ownership and influence in our motion pictures, our press, our radio and our government.”


"GI Jew
More than 600,000 Jews served in America’s armed forces during World War II. Jews accounted for about 4 percent of Americans in uniform..."

Magic Kabbalah 6 number... 🙄


"... Jewish cabinet secretary, Henry Morgenthau. Among those working for Morgenthau at Treasury were large numbers of Jewish economists and statisticians, including such contemporary and future luminaries as Jacob Viner, Walter Salant, Herbert Stein, and Milton Friedman... "


'Secretary Morgenthau’s behest Irving Berlin wrote a song performed by Danny Kaye and played incessantly on the radio, titled “I Paid My Income Tax Today,” aimed at lower-income Americans...'

Berlin was born on May 11, 1888, in the Russian Empire. Although Berlin's family came from the shtetel of Tolochin (in latter-day Belarus), documents say that he was born in Tyumen, Siberia.[2] He was one of eight children of Moses (1848–1901) and Lena Lipkin Beilin (1850–1922). His father, a cantor in a synagogue

"... the two names most closely associated with World War II bond sales Irving Berlin and Bugs Bunny. At the behest of Secretary Morgenthau, Berlin wrote the song “Any Bonds Today?”


"Treasury congratulated itself on having accomplished this enormous increase in taxation with a minimum of the taxpayer resistance that had been widely feared..."


"Jewish writers, such as Samuel Lubell, produced pamphlets and essays on topics relevant to the war effort, who later became a well-known pollster, wrote Battle Stations for All, designed to explain to Americans how taxation, rationing, and bonds contributed to winning the war."


"As for the Jews, part of their job was to make sure the nation focused on its job." 🇺🇸✡️😉


"Of course, the most important American weapons project of World War II was the Manhattan Project, which led to the building of the atomic bomb. The overwhelming majority of the Manhattan Project’s key scientists were Jews." ✡️☢️🇯🇵


"1939, Szilard and Einstein, in consultation with fellow Jewish refugees Edward Teller and Eugene Wigner, sent a letter to Roosevelt in which they described the possibility that a new type of weapon of unprecedented power could be built based on the principle of nuclear fission."


"... during the 1920s and 1930s, the Soviet Union had trained Communist activists throughout Europe, including quite a number of Jews, in techniques of espionage and subversion. These trained cadres later built the main Soviet espionage networks..."


"Britain’s main employer of Jewish agents was the Special Operations Executive. One of the wartime directors of the SOE was Sir Charles Hambro, scion of a famous Jewish banking family."


"Some might wish to quibble about the extent of the Jewish contribution to other elements of the Allied war effort, but had Germany not surrendered in the summer of 1945, a weapon designed mainly by Jewish scientists would have ended the war in Europe as it did the war in Japan."



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