Coal From Oil

"The oil which her ancient foes held could now be synthesized [from coal]."

-- 📘🇺🇸🇩🇪 Germany’s Master Plan: The Story of Industrial Offensive (1943) by Joseph Borkin & Charles A. Walsh

"America has enough coal to supply 100% of our current liquid fuel needs at about $2.00 to $2.50 per gallon for over ONE THOUSAND YEARS..."

The Bergius process was licensed worldwide to Standard Oil by Germany.

No Oil, No Problem... for the Nazis

Extract from Conjuring Hitler

Anthony N. Stranges

Friedrich Bergius and the Rise of the German Synthetic Fuel Industry

Friedrich Bergius and the Rise of the German Synthetic Fuel Industry (1984) by Anthony N. Stranges

South Africa's "coal-from-oil" production: 120,000 tons of coal/day => 160,000 barrels of oil

South Arica Coal from Oil

Harold Schobert

The Coal-Based Jet-Fuel Program (2005)

The Coal-Based Jet-Fuel Program (2005) by Harold Schobert

Thom Shanker

Military Plans Tests in Search for an Alternative to Oil-Based Fuel (2006) (New York Times Article)

James T. Bartis

Constraints on JP-900 Jet Fuel Production Concepts (2007)

Of the advanced concepts for military jet fuel production, those requiring coal tars or decant oil as inputs are limited by the availability of these feedstocks and, for certain concepts, the relatively small markets for premium grade coke.

Kristine E. Blackwell

The Department of Defense: Reducing Its Reliance on Fossil-Based Aviation Fuel Issues for Congress (2007)

Friedrich Kurreck

Life in The Third Reich

Details coal-from-oil and other advances in technology and chemicals and why they were made.

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