Kinghorn-Jones, J. Alfred

Blot out crime, proverty, prostitution, war : why and how (1914)

Some notes and highlights from the book.

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"Every honest, kindly person, with reasoning power, who will throw aside all prejudice and early teachings, so far as possible, and reason back from effect to cause, must arrive at the fact that USURY is the cause of crime, poverty, prostitution and war."
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The cause of ninety-nine and nine-tenth per cent of all crime is the governmental crime of ignoring the Decalogue
and for it substituting the UNOLOGUE


Government thus makes GOLD
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"Government having perpetrated that colossal crime is forced to build barracks and murder-ships, & train men to become human-butchers—fratricides—to enforce that crime—one crime necessitates other crimes—government proceeds to build prisons, poor-houses & lunatic asylums... "
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"Most people are possessed of the foolish idea that money is a medium of Exchange, no bigger mistake ever was made... My definition of money that it is a MEDIUM OF ROBBERY, and I defy any one to prove to the contrary."
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"The same system which has created the LORDS of Great Britain is creating the LORDS of the United States."
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"The entire Civil War could have been concluded without the issuance of any Bonds or creating 1 cent of debt, had the EXCEPTION CLAUSE been kept from these notes. This one act was the greatest crime ever committed against the American people by their own public servants..."
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"We are told this is a free country, it is free of men with common sense; we have lots of schools, colleges & universities; but the education they impart must be wrong or else such conditions could not exist. Teach your children what money should be & save them from slavery."
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"THE SOCIAL EVIL—Many persons are foolishly wasting valuable time & energy in proposing legislation 'for what is termed the "red light" districts of the falsely called "Social Evil," some are in favor of segregating, others propose licensing the "white slaves"..
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"Sir Archibald Alison, in his history of Europe, says: "The suspension of specie payment by the Bank of England in 1797 led to the use of an enormous amount of irredeemable paper money. 'The result was magical.'"

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This is the CANCER that is EATING the VITALS of the NATION."
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"We don't know anything about electricity, but we know how to get it out of Niagara Falls and send it where it is needed."

"We don't know anything about money. But we 'OUGHT to know enough to make it our servant instead of it being our master'."
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"MONKEYS—MEN. Those who accept Darwin's theory of man's descent from monkeys must admit that the descent has been, from the ethical standpoint of monkeys, awfully low & degrading..."
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"...Guernsey, an island in the English Channel; the leading tradesmen showed him the need of a new market house and asked him to borrow the necessary money from England or France. Daniel de Lisle, being intelligent and honest, said he would not BOND them to anyone... "
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"Socialists have fooled us by assuring us that they would prevent European war, whereas the most atrocious war of all the ages began in the stronghold of Socialism, it is the mathematical culmination of centuries of rule by gold, church and Devil—greed:"
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Demands for debt-free money, and scrip examples.
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