About samisdat.info

samisdat.info is a home for samizdat, preserving and archiving research, materials and publications - especially books - which are either out-of-print, out-of-copyright, no-longer available or very difficult to find, with a view to saving content from the memory hole. samisdat.info was created by independent individuals privately concerned about the creeping censorship on popular social media and website platforms.

Any materials uploaded to this website are not necessarily endorsements of the content contained within - it is made available here primarily because it is material that is often difficult to obtain and relevant to researchers.

Our Motivations

On the gulag of social-media it may seem like a big free-for-all but people are actually scared to say what they really think, they are afraid, even if it's objective truth because within the walled-gardens of the big-players (google, facebook, twitter etc) there are rules of engagement and the right to free-speech and expression (UN: Universal Declaration of Human Rights) just isn't one of them. So that's why we created this website, it's our own space on the web.

  • We are concerned with preserving important material from websites whose important content is potentially at risk-of-loss - we have for example noticed previously-available books going missing from The Internet Archive - and it causes neither harm nor loss to replicate such content here.
  • We aim to promote free, frank, open and honest freedom-of-speech, especially on contentious or controversial topics - a response to the concerns about draconian shadow-banning, no-platforming and shutting-down of voices which differ from official and mainstream sources.
  • We care deeply about establishing the objective truth regarding the world, the human condition, and shared-history of humanity and hope to provide an alternative resource to established websites.
  • We firmly believe that the truth stands on its own and requires no man-made laws to protect it from scrutiny or investigation.
  • We do not simply re-upload files that we find - we take care to manually check and correct each and every file's metadata, and where possible we try to compress the files to reduce their size and also perform additional tasks, such as 'linearizing' PDFs to make them load-faster over the internet.

We Are Curious!

  • What is history?
  • Who decides what is history
  • Who writes & disseminates history?
  • How does a reader/writer avoid bias, pushing an agenda & establish objective truth about history?
  • How do we determine whether evidence is authentic or not?
  • Can anyone have a monopoly on truth?
  • How do we deal with new evidence?
  • What do we do when uncomfortable truth is revealed into the public domain, e.g. Freedom of Information Act or 'leaks'?
  • What about evidence that cannot been refuted?
  • Why do people lie to support an agenda?
  • Can people be hypnotised/brainwashed?
  • Why is publishing suppressed or outright banned?
  • Which books are banned the most?
  • Which topics are banned the most?
  • When is asking questions forbidden?
  • Which regimes have sought to ban publishing alternatives to official narratives?
  • Why are books banned?
  • Who decides what to ban?
  • Why do we have these "universal human rights" and why were clauses inserted to override them?
  • Do we have these rights morally regardless of man-made laws?

Who We Are

We are just ordinary living flesh and blood people (not 'corporate' persons!) with an interest and passion for finding stuff out and why things are the way that they are in this world. We are private individual, independent people experiencing reality, ready to formulate what we experience and share that. We neither claim nor speak for any group, we only speak for ourselves. We believe that people who claim a right to speak on behalf of others or put themselves as a representative of a grouping of people should be carefully observed and scrutinized in their words, actions and behaviours.

On Disagreements

Graham's hierarchy of disagreement - Pyramid diagram

If you do wish to contest our content please disagree and argue clearly and don't resort to tired-old tropes based on Godwin's Law! We're not making this site for any kind of fame and misfortune.

We know that that this will not satisfy those who are unable to process this work, so before rushing to attack, please understand name-calling, swearing, labelling, snarky 'jokes' and smearing people with untruths then tagging/retweeting to get more people to send targeted abuse and so forth at people is not grown-up and it's not cool. (Besides, we have DDOS protection!) If you can't engage with us in a civil manner, please just block/ignore us, go to another website, or just do not read-on, please do not harass us and respect our God-given Natural Law human-right to free thought, expression and speech.

Privacy Policy

samisdat.info will only ever collect and process data about website visitors that is necessary to maintain the privacy, security and performance of the website, and as such we do not track users via cookies for advertising, google analytics, facebook etc.


We consider the material published here to be covered by fair use provisions for criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research and do not seek to profit from it. All of the books uploaded are assumed to be in the public-domain as they were found on public websites and sources, the vast majority taken mostly from, but not limited-to The Internet Archive.

Please check also with your World Copyright Length for your country before downloading any material.

World Copyright Terms


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